Custom Cover Design

Publishing a book and need a cover designed? I can help. Contact me for further information concerning designing a cover for you or if you’re in a hurry, have a look at some of my pre-made covers. I usually request you pay me via Paypal prior to completed work.

Custom cover costs varying depending on amount of detail work involved and art used, but generally: A few different scenarios:

I’d need to know if you are wanting just an E cover created or an E and a paper flat? Are you providing your own art or do you want me to purchase? Providing part of the art with me purchasing the rest?

Assuming you’d want both E and paper, and you supplied all the art, (please supply High Res that way you don’t have to go purchase again if you at first thought you wanted E only and then changed your mind), I’d charge you $70 for the E only and $80 to $150 for the set assuming there won’t be a lot of extra detail work required. There could be extra costs for detail work and/or a great deal of changes, but generally $70 to $150 is safe. As noted, any art I need to purchase would be extra. If you are just wanting an E cover and have no want or desire for a paperback, too, then $70 or so. As with the E and Paper above, a great deal of detail work and/or revisions may cost more than the base price listed here. I will charge a bit extra for additional formats like audio, Vella, hardback, etc.


Current clients, you know the drill, just drop me an e-mail!

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