Pre-made Covers

I have a large selection of pre-made covers for e-books and/or paperback flats. (Click on pre-made tab above in menu, select category, browse, click on text beneath each picture to see the full information and cover art samples. You can also select categories on the right side of page.) The pre-mades are ready to go. Once sold, I do not resell that cover design. Contact me via my contact page if you’re interested in purchasing one and have questions. If you know what you want, a Paypal button is provided. Simply click, pay and fill out  the information and I will be in contact asap! (Note: After completing your purchase at Paypal, please click the Return to Merchant button, and you’ll be directed to a form where you can supply me with your book details.) Information to include on the form will include: book title and author name, any subtitle or teaser text, and if you are purchasing a set (E and paper flat), I’ll need the back copy information along with book specs such as trim size (6×9, 5×8, etc.) white or cream paper and page count. Once payment is received, your cover/covers will be completed and sent to you. Normally, I can turn these around fairly quickly.

For E only: Once payment received and cover is re-titled, you’ll receive a High Res front plus various resized versions of the E cover you purchased. For sets: You’ll receive the all files mentioned for the E plus a pdf for your paperback flat.

Please note, there is an extra cost for paperback flat creations unless the tag states price listed is for both E and paperback flat. If you are looking at a E front only listed and wish me to create a paperback flat, let me know so I can quote the additional costs. If agreeable, I’ll send you an invoice via Paypal for the E and paperback flat set since the Paypal button would be for the E Front only. If an E Front is all you want from the sets listed, contact me and we can sure work it out. Again, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice for payment since the buttons are priced as shown on the site. Thanks.

Pre-mades are priced as is, with only a small amount of change built into the text due to the sample text verses the final titles. Please note that if you request changes beyond the simple ones stated above, there will be extra charges. All sales are final. 

Please note: The art for the pre-mades have Limitations of 20,000 paperback copies. If you think you will sell more on the paperbacks, we’ll need to buy a license for another 20,000, etc. which of course will change the final cover costs. Or wait and see and if your sales exceed the 20,000 limit (good for you!!) contact me and you can either pay me to purchase an extension, or I will let you know the ID number of the stock and who to contact to buy an extension from them.

Special note: Publishers and authors, if you like something or several, I am more than willing to sell the cover(s) to you now and do the text at a later date when you have stories ready to go with them. This includes the paperback creation if you purchased that option. Or I can sell you a high res jpeg of the design minus the text. Just drop me a note, we can work it out.

Please do check back often. More to come with varying price ranges.

And finally, if you like the title I have on the pre-made cover, you can certainly use it. Just let me know!!